in the mushroom business since 2010

It all started with mushrooms!

The enterprise "MUSHROOM BUSINESS" started its operations in 2010, specializing initially in the cultivation of common mushrooms. As the company achieved certain successes, it decided to expand its product range. This step became a pivotal moment in the development of "MUSHROOM BUSINESS". Since then, transitioning from a small producer of mushrooms and eringi, the company has evolved into one of the largest and most modern automated factories in the industry.

Not only tasty,
but also healthy!

The main goal of our enterprise is to cultivate not only tasty but also healthy and environmentally friendly eringi mushrooms, free from any impurities. That's why we pay special attention to using carefully selected natural raw materials and systematically control their quality. Our factory is equipped with its own laboratory, allowing us to monitor the quality not only of the incoming raw materials used for mushroom cultivation but also of the final product - eringi mushrooms.

Our priorities:

Maintaining production regularity

High product quality

Reliable and conscientious partnership

From mycelium to packaged mushrooms

The complete production cycle allows us to deliver quality products at an affordable price.

Cultivation of mycelium

Raw material selection

Preparation and packaging of soil (substrate) for cultivating mushrooms in jars

Sterilization of jars with substrate

Inoculation of mycelium into the substrate


Harvesting the fruiting bodies


Harvesting and packaging


Ensuring timely delivery of fresh mushrooms to our customers is one of the primary priorities of our company. That's why we have our own fleet of vehicles and collaborate with transportation companies, allowing us to efficiently fulfill even small orders.
Eringi mushrooms require storage at a consistently low temperature, and these requirements extend to the transportation process. Therefore, all our vehicles and those of our partners are equipped with refrigeration units, ensuring the appropriate conditions to preserve the freshness of the mushrooms. Our goal is to ensure that every consumer receives only high-quality and fresh products!





10-z Zavodska st.
Chuhuiv raion, Kharkiv oblast,
63523, Ukraine